Surfing, relaxing or naked bathing - on Lanzarote everything is possible if you know where. FOCUS Online presents the most beautiful beaches on the Canary Island.

    Sand beaches and volcanic basins offer variety on the coast of Lanzarotes.
    Even the famous parrot beaches have their quiet corners.
    The natural pools of La Caleta are suitable for the whole family.

Black volcanic rock, white shining sand and turquoise blue water - so the coasts of the Canary Island Lanzarote look like. But where is the surfing hotspot with the best waves? Behind which cliff are small coves hidden away from mass tourism and, where can the smallest of the family safely bathe? These eight beaches are the most beautiful coastal sections of Lanzarote.
1. Playa del Reducto - The city beach

South of Arrecife, the coastal promenade goes to the city beach of the island capital. In the protected bay of Playa del Reducto, holidaymakers can relax after a city stroll, as it provides recreation for the whole family. Under the watchful eyes of lifeguards the little ones splash in the shallow water, while adults can enjoy themselves with water sports.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Stefanie Klement The city beach of Arrecife borders directly on the busy pedestrian zone

2. Playa de las Conchas - The northernmost

On the neighboring island of La Graciosa, north of Lanzarote lies the Playa de las Conchas, the beach of shells. Through the white sand of muschelkalk the sea shines here in particularly many blue tones. However, the beach is not suitable for swimming. The shore descends steeply into the sea, where the underflow and a high wave make the bathing also dangerous for practiced swimmers.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Stefanie Klement Azure, indigo or turquoise - the water colors at Playa de las Conchas

3. Playa de Famara - The surfers paradise

On the northwest coast of Lanzarotes is the sleepy surfer town of Caleta de Famara, which is followed by the beach of the same name. Throughout the year, perfect conditions for wave, wind and kite surfers, but not for swimmers. Since almost exclusively the red flag blows, a detour to the sand beach is only worth for water sports fans.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Turismo Lanzarote The Famara mountain range with the beach of the same name is one of the trekking routes on the GR 131 across Lanzarote

4. Playas de Papagayo - The tourist magnet

The most famous beaches of Lanzarote, the parrot beaches, lie at the southern tip of the island. The small bays of the beach group are particularly sheltered between volcanic rocks. Due to its special shell shape, the Playa de Papagayo of the same name is not only a popular photo-motif, but also mostly overcrowded. There is less hubbub in the neighboring bays of Caleta del Congrio or Playa de las Mujeres.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Dpa / Tui Germany The Playa de Papagayo is the most famous bay of parrot beaches because of its particular shape
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5. Los Charcones - The insider's tip

The bays of Los Charcones in the south of the island are a real secret tip. Cold lava rocks formed natural swimming pools along the coast, which fill themselves with fresh seawater at high tide. In the shallow water of the many natural pools you lie as in the bathtub. Some water holes are even deep enough to take a plunge.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Turismo Lanzarote Rugged cliffs, secluded bays: the nature pools Los Charcones are an insider tip

6. Charco del Palo - The free-lance

The bay in the resort of Charco del Palo on the north-east coast of Lanzarotes has been the first official naturist area of ​​the Canaries since the 1980s. The nudist center of the island developed around the partially artificially constructed sea water swimming pool. Tourists can sunbathe on the rocky terraces around the pool but also in their swimwear.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Stefanie Klement Charco del Palo is the naturist center Lanzarotes

7. Playa Dorada - Family Beach

The protected beach of Playa Dorada is located in an artificial bay in the south of Lanzarotes. As the golden yellow sandy beach slopes down into the clear sea, non-swimmers can safely swim. Beach pebbles, fitness equipment and souvenir shops ensure that the bathing day is not boring on land.
Canaries, Lanzarote, beach, beach holiday
Turismo Lanzarote So empty it is truly not always at the Playa Dorada

8. Caletón Blanco - The Lonely

If you follow the coastal road from Órzola to the south, there are always branches to many small pools. While the natural pools of La Caleta and Caleta del Mero are almost completely formed of volcanic rocks, the bay of Caletón Blanco is filled with fine white sand. Perfect for a quiet bathing day.

Costa Teguise in the east of Lanzarote has beautiful beaches, bays and good surf spots. At the Costa Teguise, swim enthusiasts will enjoy white sand and blue sea.

Playa BlancaThe Canary Islands have a pleasant and mostly relatively temperate warm climate all year round - ideal for holidays all year round. The best conditions and mostly a weather with more sun than anywhere else on the Canaries with clear, mild Atlantic water is the southern tip of Lanzarote with the village of Playa Blanca.

The beaches of Puerto del Carmen are lined with light sand along the coast of Puerto del Carmen. The three beautiful beaches in Puerto del Carmen are perfect for bathing in the sea and sun.