A move to the Canaries can have its problems. Many are sitting in the empty apartment waiting for their belongings.

The container has long been in the port, ready for check-in. Why not being informed? How to bring the container through the customs? And why inch? Others have things in the container whose import is forbidden. The relocation company has not informed about this. Read how you can avoid mistakes and save money while moving here.

Of course, the Canary Islands belong to the European Union! Spain and the Canaries have been members of the EU since 1986. Nevertheless it is possible that they have to tax their own furniture here.
The reason: the Canaries are subject to other customs regulations and other taxation as a "free trade zone". Just like the French overseas territories, the Azores and Madeira. They all have a special status in Article 299.2 of the Amsterdam Treaty at the economic, social and political level.
If you plan to move to Lanzarote, you can avoid expensive mistakes and save unnecessary import taxes.

Compare prices
First of all, you should look for a relocation company doing international relocations. Whether in Germany or in the Canaries does not matter.
On all major islands, you will find transport companies, which are also entitled to customs clearance, many of them have German-speaking employees. Compare prices! Differences of up to 100 percent are not a rarity!
To get a quote, you need to know how many cubic meters of your relocation material. With this information, a relocation company can tell you whether a "groupage container" is sufficient or whether it needs its own container.
If you do not know how many cubic meters your relocation material is, a professional of the relocation company will gladly come to their home and appreciate how much it is.

Even with tack
Then you have to decide whether you want to pack your own goods and load the container yourself, or whether you pack and load it. It will be cheaper if you pack and load yourself. However, this requires some skill.

Without N.I.F. nothing is working
Next you have to decide which customs office in Lanzarote should carry out the customs clearance for you. This then requires a copy of their identity card, a copy of their N.I.F. (Número de Identificación Fiscal) number and their packing list indicating the number of packages and their value.
She also needs Bill of Lading and T2LF paper. If they have commissioned a freight forwarder in Germany, they will forward both documents to the agency of their choice.
What is important is that you know what customs office on the island will do customs clearance for your container, and this always knows where it can be reached.

Avoiding taxes
If you do not want to pay import taxes, you must meet the following requirements: Either you give your customs office a copy of the Escritura of your home purchase, which is not older than one year! Or: You have a lease that is not older than one year, or you have a registration (Empadronamiento) with a municipality. This must not be older than one year.
In the plain text: As soon as they are registered in the Canaries - for whatever reason - they have to move a year without paying taxes.
If they waited longer, the Canary Treasury would pay and they would pay 5 per cent of the tax on their value of their goods, on which the freight costs are added.
Example: The value of their belongings is 8000 €, the freight cost 4,500 €. That makes 5 percent of € 12,500 for the Treasury.

Container unloaded
If their container has been released and is waiting to be picked up in the port, it has only to be transported to their home. If they do not have a "free-house" agreement with their haulier (usually more expensive), their customs office commissioned a carrier who brought their container to them.
From now on they are real islanders!

N.I.F. number
The NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal) is their tax number. For Spaniards the DNI. In the case of foreigners, it corresponds to the NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero). Your NIF is not automatically activated if you have a NIE! EU citizens can first have an NIF issued, but then they have to apply for the NIE. They are NEVER received at the Policia Nacional, Avd. De Coll, 5. Arrecife, the NIF activates the Tax Office (Delegacion de Hacienda).

The T2L customs document is required for the transport of shipments within the EU by sea or air freight. This form proves that the goods to be transported must be of European origin and duty-free. If no T2L is submitted, customs must be paid.
The T2L (not T2!) Is to be requested from the responsible customs office at the place where the consignment is sent. Take the packing list and your ID with the customs office to apply for the T2L. (Personal presence required!). When they hire a relocation company with their relocation, this opens the T2L.

Bill of Lading / Airwaybill
A so-called bill of lading (BL), (sea freight invoice) is created for your cargo. Only the owner of the Bill of Lading gets the container handed over. If you deliver to the new apartment, the respective customs office handles the paper war with the customs.
As a rule, no customs office will release a container if the original BL is missing. Make sure you have a safe delivery address



1. Copy of passport or identity card.
2.1. Confirmation of registration or Empadronamiento, respectively rental or purchase contract.
2.2. Address of friends, acquaintances or the new employer,
         If the exact residence is not yet established.
3. NIE number
4. Packing list bilingual (the translation is done at the request of the

Papers for commercial goods and cars

 6 a. Original invoices
    b. export declaration

7. for vehicle shipping
         Vehicle letter or purchase contract if the car is less than 6 months in the car
         Owned property.

8. for shipping to Europe
   a. T2L paper
   b. NIF number
   c. bills

Despite careful research, we do not assume any liability for the information provided and we strongly recommend that an experienced expert be appointed for relocation and import or export.

Transport companies, which are also tax authorized:

Atlantic Canarias, S.A.
C /. Secretario Artiles, 44 x 1 ° E
Mr. Manuel Ogallar (speaks perfect German
E-35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Tel .: + 34 928 229 162 - 19
Fax: +34 928 272 780
E-mail: mogallaratlantic-canarias.com
Internet: www.atlantic-canarias.com

A.M.S. Atlantic
Land- und Überseespedition GmbH
Large sleeves 23
D-40721 Hilden / Germany
Fax: 0049-21033329-99

Sancargo S.L.
C / José Molina, 6 ° -A
Deutcher Contact: Ines Karn
35000 Arrecife de Lanzarote
Islas Canarias
Tel .: 0034 928 815 297

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