If you have decided to buy a particular property, we will issue a "purchase option agreement". This includes all agreed "terms and conditions" of the purchase, as well as the time limit for the conclusion of the purchase, a breakdown of the costs and penal clauses for both parties in case of non-compliance.

The purchase right of the property is secured by a deposit of 10% of the purchase price within 7-10 days after signature of the option purchase agreement.

The duration of the preliminary contract is generally 2 to 4 months. However, both parties may specify a different time frame in the option contract with mutual consent. Before expiry of this contract, we shall arrange for both parties and / or their legal representatives the emergency period for the signature of the legal documents and property certificates. Before this, the funds must be available to the bank on a non-resident account, and the full amount of the full purchase price as well as additional costs of approx. 8% (with Hyphoteken approx. 10%). Your attorney will give you all the exact sums beforehand.
At the Notartermin, the entire purchase price will be paid to the Seller in the form of a certified bank check, drawn bill of exchange or bank transfer. We will be at your disposal during processing.

If the seller is a Spanish company, a Spanish citizen is a resident or non-resident in Spain, the buyer, he is a non-resident, must submit a receipt for the foreign money transfer / non-resident fund issued by the executing agency Bank can be issued.

The cost of a financial statement (with the exception of mortgage costs) is approximately as follows:
- 6½% income tax
- ½% land registry fees
- ½% notary fees
- ½% ancillary expenses (e.g., N.I.E, sworn translator, etc. See Seventh and eighth)
(Sokicitors fees are not included), some charge by percentage rates, but more frequently, the costs vary depending on the attorney between about 1.600 € -2.200 € flat rate.)

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