Before a married couple can really enjoy their dream wedding at Lanzarote - or somewhere else in Spain - there are still a few hurdles to be had before going to the altar or the stand.

The Spanish marriage concluded in Spain before an evangelical or Catholic pastor is also legally valid before the law. It has to be registered only after the marriage ceremony still civil law.

In Spain an ecclesiastical marriage is also acknowledged by the state here, and this is the reason why in Spain, and, of course, also in Lanzarote, more church papers must be delivered.
Of course you can also "marry" civilly in Spain. Then the marriage is closed by a civil servant (encargado del Registro Civil), the mayor (alcalde) or an authorized Concejal.
It is basically simple. However, you should inform yourself in advance and in any case, at least six months in advance, talk to the competent civil servant or parishioner in good time.
Who live permanently in Spain, ie resident, need the following papers to marry:
Their birth certificates, Empadronamiento or Residencia, D.N.I. Or proof of identity with the respective copy, the application for the approval of the Registro Civil, the proof of identity of both marriages, a
Fotocopy of their identity cards and two (at the office three!) Maids with ID or DNI. Catholics also need proof of an aesthetic.
Tourists who want to marry in Spain also need:
The proof of their civil marriage in their home country, a confirmation of their marriage (Catholics), a certificate of matrimony, the dismissal certificate (Dimissuriale, which is the confirmation that they are members of a church) from the home parishioners (Catholics and Protestants) And an affidavit of the persons of the persons who are willing to marry.
All these documents must be submitted by the bride and groom to the Registro Civil during a wedding ceremony. In the case of a religious ceremony, the documents are handed over to the competent priest, who then passes them on to the Registro Civil.
After the marriage, the couple must have their marriage certified by civil law and are then handed over the so-called family book (Libro de Familia) and the certificate of matrimony (Certificate de Matrimonio).
If you want to get married in Spain or on our beautiful island Lanzarote as a tourist church, you must have married in Germany beforehand - only then can they be trusted here on the island church-ecclesiastically.

It is more practical to have an international marriage certificate issued - which is recognized throughout the European Union.
They must also submit their birth certificates to the priest and, of course, their ID.

All these documents, other than the ID card, must also be translated by a certified translator and certified by the notary or provided with an apostille.
"Only" on a permanent basis, foreigners in Spain can only marry if one of the two marriages has been resident in Spain for at least two years.
When these conditions are met, almost nothing else stands in the way of their dream wedding at Lanzarote: whether on the beach, in a volcano, on a yacht or on a romantic finca in the country - everything is possible, everything is possible, Who do not want to do the organization stress or do not speak enough Spanish to organize the necessary on-site, organized by appropriate wedding agencies, so-called wedding planners.

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