Lanzarote’s climate officially is desert climate. Meaning the island experiences less than 250 mm / 10 inches of precipitation per year.

The actual yearly rainfall is 110 mm/4.3 inches well below the threshold. This is falling in a span of 18 days allowing the mean yearly sunshine hours climbing to 2,987 hours.

Lanzarote average rainy days and rainfall



Lanzarote mean monthly sunshine hours



These conditions would easily ruin our fine holiday island if it were not be the Atlantic Ocean. It is lovely cooling / heating effect keeps the temperature around 25C /77F in summer and 17C / 63F during the cold winter months.
As a result, there is no heating in the flats around the island save the mobile radiators. Which are swarming all the shops around November suggesting the new ice age is coming. A warm blanket and a cup of hot tea during these stressing days usually does the job though.

Lanzarote Weather Temperature Averages In Celsius



Lanzarote Weather Temperature Averages In Farenheit



Extreme weather in Lanzarote:


There is no rain to be afraid of but there is a menace to ruin your mood during the summer months. The Calima or Sirocco (not the Volkswagen one). It is called many different names but it is just the same Sandstorm.
It is a very exciting phenomenon. It is just plain very fine sand from the Sahara desert sweeping out to the Atlantic by the wind. You can see it coming over the ocean as a curtain days before it arrives. Meteo-sensitive people do not need to look over the ocean to sense it coming though.
When it arrives, the island gets a yellowish hue due to the sun shining through the sand. The visibility is reduced, cars are full of dust, our throat is soaring for drinks. Before its peak-time, the wind stops and leaves you sweat and sticky forcing you to hide in pubs and shopping malls. Then the wind starts again giving us hope to get our sweet island back only to blow hot air like a hairdryer.

Beside the Calima and the occasional rain which floods the capital every now and then the weather in Lanzarote is perfect to enjoy life all year around mostly in shorts and flip-flops.

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