Experience the Canarian variety on a Canary round trip: the archipelago of the Spanish Canaries is a real vacation paradise, where you can "bounce" from one island to another.

As the Canary Islands are relatively close together, a canary island hopping (called island hopping in Denglish) is an option. Good flight connections and ferry connections make this holiday even more child-friendly and offer a lot of variety. In our blog post today, we will give you tips for the best routes to the Canary Island hopping.

Island hopping - Island hopping in the Canaries

The most distant islands of Lanzarote and El Hierro are almost 500 kilometers apart. This is why most of the Canary Islands' cruisers choose the northern or southern island groups.

There are a variety of options available at Kanren Island hopping, including a visit to the large island of Tenerife, with some of the smaller, nearby islands of El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma. From Los Cristianos in the south of Tenerife, the ferry lines Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen can be reached in about 50 to 60 minutes to La Gomera. The two lines also serve the route to La Palma and need only three hours. In addition, the Trasmediterranea ferry line runs four times a month between Santa Cruz de la Palma and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. To the smallest island El Hierro, however, you can only reach the ferry line Naviera Armas.

A convenient and fast alternative to the ferries is offered by the airline company Binter Canarias, which connects Tenerife with all islands, making the Canary Island hopping particularly easy. Since flights from Germany only fly to Tenerife, a holiday on El Hierro, La Gomera or La Palma is connected with a small island hopping. A visit to Tenerife should not be missed on your round trip.
Canary island hopping on the northern islands

The northern Canary Islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, which are close to each other, offer a different possibility of canary island hopping. Coming from Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura, you can reach Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote in half an hour and you can discover the most beautiful sights of both islands on a round trip in just a few days. The small island of La Graciosa is also worth a detour. It is easy to reach from Lanzarote, to which it belongs, fast and cheaply.

Very central between the islands is Gran Canaria: From here you can reach both Tenerife, as well as Lanzarote by ferry or plane. In addition, there are excellent flights from almost all German airports to Gran Canaria. If you want to discover all the big islands in the island hopping in the Canaries, in the truest sense of the word, there is no way to reach Gran Canaria.

Canary Island hopping is a wonderful way to discover several islands at the same time. However, beginners who travel to the Canary Islands for the first time should be more confined to two or three islands. However, if you want to travel a lot and want to discover the entire Canarian variety, you can also visit all seven islands and use the good connections and ferry connections between the islands. And with us, you can find cheap holiday houses, holiday apartments and fincas on every Canary Island, where you can spend the night at island hopping.

Canary Island hopping with a rental car
The Canary Islands are ideal for island hopping. Even with the rental car.

Many active and long-term tourists think about visiting not only a Canary Island, but also several. The two eastern islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote will be brought into play. Thanks to the short distance between the two islands, island hopping with the rented car can be found.
One way rental or tour.

Before you decide to book a rental car in the Canary Islands, you should consider whether the island bouncing from one island to the next or is designed as a tour. While in the island hopping tour the rental and delivery station can be the same, but at the very least should be on the same island, the one-way variant is to make sure that the car owner has a station both on the starting island and on the destination island. Foresight planning is indispensable here.

In general, however, you have to inform the owner of the car, if you plan to visit Lanzarote with the rental car, although you spend your holiday in Fuerteventura. As a rental car can not swim or fly from one island to the next island, one is dependent on the ferry connections between the islands. If the sea gets rough or the car is damaged for other reasons, you should have a fully comprehensive insurance without a deductible - often the car owner is required.
Option 1: car hire Island hopping tour

This variant is the simpler of the two possible. Book for example. Your rental car in Fuerteventura, inform the car rental agent that you want to change the island during the rental period by car, and return the vehicle at the same station. For additional insurance and conditions, please contact your car rental agent directly on the spot.

Rental cars for such island tours can be booked directly at fuertecars.de online.
Variant 2: car hire island hopping one-way rental

This is the slightly more complicated version of the island hopping with the rental car. As a first basic requirement, the car rental agent must have a rental car station on the start as well as on the destination island. This is where most of the small, local car rentals leave. But even the larger local car rental companies such as Orlando RC or Goldcar, may have to fit at 'more exotic' destinations such as El Hierro or La Gomera. The large, internationally operating car rental companies are therefore the option of choice, unless one is limited to the five large islands (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma).

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