Do you like to drive on holiday? We at Spain-Lanzarote know that is the case with many tourists. Lanzarote is a great island for this type of adventure.

We thought it would be helpful to give you some information about driving in the Canary Islands before you get behind the wheel. The Canary Islands belong to Spain, so that the same rules apply when driving.

You must know some regulations. In the Canaries, there is legal traffic and at a roundabout you have to give the right of way to the traffic from the left. You are overtaken on the left side. As everywhere, it is very important to adhere to speed limits on motorways at 110 km / h (100 km / h for normal driving and 110 km / h for overtaking) and in residential areas and closed towns at 40 km / h (Unless otherwise specified). Drive slowly when you are in mountainous regions, pay attention to sharp bends and sudden bends and drive carefully on narrow, bumpy roads. In case of doubt, drive slowly.

All passengers must be strapped at all times, do not use your phone, GPS or other equipment when driving. You need to concentrate, especially on unknown roads. Do not drink alcohol and just behave the way you do when driving at home. Remember to have your driver's license and car rental documents at all times. Moped or motorcyclists must wear a helmet.

In some traffic situations the police charge a penalty directly on the spot. You will receive a penalty with the amount to be paid directly. Please remember that these penalties apply to everyone, even to holidaymakers.

If possible, try to park in larger car parks so avoid misunderstandings when it is possible to park. As a rule, motorcyclists are not allowed to park their vehicles on white, yellow or blue lines. In larger resorts such as Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise there are plenty of parking spaces as well as areas where you can park for free.

Sometimes you see parking cars at a roundabout or zebras, but do not park yourself there, because that is forbidden. Some drivers do not use the turn signals, so it can happen that someone suddenly brakes or turns. If you are parked in front of the waste bin, your car may be towed, as the garbage disposal empties the bins at all times of the day and night. There are no signs that indicate that you are not allowed to park there, so be warned.

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