On Lanzarote you can move beautifully with public transport. The bus network is very well developed and leads even into the most remote corners of Lanzarote.

The central point of attention for many beautiful bus tours is the island capital Arrecife. From here you get quite cheap in all larger and many smaller villages on Lanzarote. Bus trips are particularly recommended for the holidaymakers who want to look at the landscape in peace. The biggest places like Arrecife, Puerte del Carmen, Playa Blanca or the Costa Teguise are reached by the buses several times a day. However, the smaller villages are only temporarily connected to the public bus network, so you have to wait a few days. Often there is only a bus connection in the early morning hours and late afternoon. Therefore, you should visit certain destinations by taxi or by car. The taxis on the island of Lanzarote are much cheaper than you think. One kilometer costs about 50 cents, there are surcharges in the evening, on Sundays and holidays. For lifts with the taxi one should always with several together a large room taxi choose. This in any case is more favorable. On boarding, one should pay attention to the switched-on taximeter and there are special price lists for cross-country trips, which should be shown in advance. Very flexible is the exploration of the island with the rental car, because you can collect the most impressions and do not have to constantly look at the money. On the entire island of Lanzarote, there are a lot of rental companies, one should be careful during the season. It can then quickly be the case that no cars are available anymore. Therefore, you should reserve a rental car in advance.

The airport of Lanzarote is located near the capital Arrecife. In addition to large charter ships connecting the island to the European mainland, there is also a regional air service that connects the Lanzarote with the other Canary Islands. Most international airmen come from Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Austria. With the airlines Binter Canarias and Islas Airways, Lanzarote is connected to the other Canary Islands. The capital Arrecife is connected to the Guacimeta airport by a motorway.

Many supplies reach the island via the port of Los Mármoles (also called Puerto de Arrecife). There is a ferry service that connects the Lanzarote with Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Cádiz. Once a week, a ferry departs from Trasmediterránea to the Spanish mainland to Cádiz. To Gran Canaria you arrive daily via Fuerteventura. A ferry from Naviera Armas or Fred Olsen can be reached from Playa Blanca in the south or from Puerto del Carmen to the neighboring island of Fuerteventura.

From Arrecife, buses run to the other places on the island. Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise are reached hourly, the other places are less frequently visited. Since the buses do not go very often, one should look at a holiday on Lanzarote well, whether one does not take better a rental car. The roads are well developed and almost every place is easily accessible. There is a motorway between the airport and the capital Arrecife. There is an expressway between Playa Blanca and Yaíza. If you want to travel a lot to visit the different sights, you should rent a car. Some landlords do not allow you to rent a car to Fuerteventura. You should, if necessary, inquire at the rental company if this is the case.

In closed localities you can drive mostly 50 km / h, on country roads 90 km / h, on expressways 100 km / h and the motorways are limited to 120 km / h. The alcohol limit is 0.5 per mille. If there are yellow lines on the sidewalks, this means that parking is prohibited. Gas stations are found everywhere, mostly from 6:00 in the morning until midnight, some even 24 hours. Here you do not have to refuel yourself, you are served.

The taxis offer a further possibility to travel. In the holiday resorts, the taxpayers are fixed; in the case of long-haul routes, the price is negotiated beforehand. The taxi drivers are mostly honest, friendly people and the prices for a taxi ride are significantly lower than in Germany. There are taxis, or you can stop a taxi by hand when the green light on the roof is lit.

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