Wine growing on lanzarote: lava fieldsThe wines from lanzarote are very well known. What is special about these wines is how the vines are cultivated.

There are large holes in the "picón" or "lapilli" (the volcanic ash is called in the Canaries) to protect the vines from the wind. The wine Lanzarotes has an excellent quality.

The particularly arduous work of winegrowing on lanzarote has been more than worthwhile because the wines that grow under the Canarian sun and grow on the particularly nutritious volcanic soil are special. Throughout history, Lanzarote had also suffered defeats and drought periods made the cultivation of wine even more difficult for a time, until wine cultivation was finally abandoned. It was not until the 18th century that massive vines were grown again on lanzarote, since then Lanzarote has developed an admirable wine culture.

Lava landscape LanzaroteToday you have the choice between different wines from the island, most of which are called the denominación de órigen, or also called origin. In recent years, Lanzarote has even been able to develop a position in international wine trade. The Malvasia wine has already received several international awards and wine awards. This wine is particularly lovely and sparkling, fruity at the same time not too sweet, but rather dry. Many people think that a dry wine must have a sour note, which is unfortunately wrong! There are, as for example, this Malvasia wine from Lanzarote, wines that are fruity and yet dry. You will taste the wine yourself.

Lanzarote is home to the first wine cellar of the Canary Islands: Bodegas El Grifo. A family company that has been producing its wines since 1775. Already in the 15th century Lanyarote began the cultivation of grapes, which was driven on the one hand by the Spanish conquerors, but above all by their influence from America. In the 16th century, the wine from Lanzarote was the export product number one, even before sugar cane. To this day, the phylloxera has not yet penetrated the Canary Islands and thus has some advantages in wine growing.

You should definitely visit a bodega, a wine cellar, on the island and taste the delicious wines. The cultivation of grapes is not only culturally, but also scenic, something special on Lanzarote. If you drive through some regions, you can admire the stone walls that look like a work of art or a labyrinth that protect the vines.

Other wine cellars on Lanzarote: Bodegas Barreto, Bodegas La Geria, Bodegas Rubicón and Bodegas Reymar. Among the most popular vine varieties on Lanzaroten are Malvasía, Listán Blanco, Moscatel, Diego, Burra Blanca, Breval, Pedro Ximenez, Listan Negra and Negramoll. The most popular wine-growing areas are La Gería, Masdache and Ye-Lajares.

The main wines of Lanzarotes are:
• Malvasía
• White wine dry
• White wine semi sweet
• White wine sweet
• Red wine
• Red wine sweet
• Rosé
• Muscat

The vineyards around La Geria are all surrounded by protective walls,
To protect the sensitive plants

Bodegas in the winery La Geria on Lanzarote

In the La Geria wine-growing region on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, excellent wines are grown. The wines here are of the best quality and the Natural Park LA GERIA is the main cultivation area of ​​the famous Malvasia and Moscatel wines. The area is at first sight a strange area, where there are numerous vineyards and wine cellars.

Around La Geria one can admire the painterly but also arduous work of the rural population of Lanzarote. Here everything is handled by hand in the vineyard!

You cross this wine region, for example, from San Bartolomé to Uga. Just hold on, and make a break in a typical bodega on Lanzarote! The wines are really delicious.

The tourist buses stop at the individual bodegas in the area so that no visitor to the island misses the delicious wines. This is why it is sometimes so crowded that one has to wait a long time to taste a good drop.

But it is also different:
A very special tip to buy wine, drink wine and also for a delicious meal without tourist humming in dreamlike surroundings is the bodega "El Chupadero".

If you drive along the road from Uga towards Mozaga and La Geria, you will see only lava fields on the right and left of the road. After a short time you will see the signpost that leads you along a narrow gravel road to the winery "El Chupadero".

No tourist bus can get to the bodega via this road, so it is never crowded, but you can enjoy the unique panorama view of the black volcanoes and the vines in your lava nests in peace and enjoy.

Here you can taste Spanish specialties such as tapas, the famous Serrano ham and, of course, the Canarian goat's cheese. Also the Tomatensuppe is here very good taste. And to enjoy one or more glass of the Malvasier wines ...

In the bodega "El Chupadero" you eat well and cheaply!
And the whole area around La Geria is worth a visit!

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