The gastronomy of Lanzarotes, and the whole of the Canary Islands, is derived from Spanish cuisine and has also been influenced by African and Latin recipes.

In addition, some traditions of the island's natives have been preserved. One thing is certain: you will enjoy the many delicious dishes served in the restaurants or in the comfort of your hotel.

Spain-Lanzarote has compiled a culinary guide with Canarian specialties to help you consider what delicacies you would like to sample during your stay.

Let's start with the Spanish influence on the kitchen, the tapas. These small portions are offered everywhere on lanzarote and can vary depending on where you eat. A traditional tapas dish are, for example, the pimientos de padrón, small peppers, cooked with sea salt and olive oil. You get several on a plate and occasionally catch a hot pepper! This dish is often served as a starter on the menu. Other tapas dishes are meatballs (albóndigas) in tomato sauce and tortilla (Spanish omelette). There are really dozens of different tapas recipes.

The Canary Islands are very fond of stew and create delicious stews with seasoned meats and vegetables with lots of love and care. Taste the stew with rabbit meat (conejo), which is a regional specialty. At Lanzarote you will almost never see cattle, so the meat is mostly from South America and from other islands of the archipelago. Of course you will find on the menu of every good restaurant excellent meat. Very popular is cabrito (the meat of young goats), which is sometimes called baifo in the Canary Islands.

Wow! If you love fish, you will love lanzarote. Since Lanzarote is an island, there is always plenty of fish and seafood. Fishing is a big business in the Canaries, and the fishing boats go out daily to meet the demand for the preparation of delicious treats. Tuna, lobsters, merluza, swordfish, cangrejo, lobster, mussels (mejillones) ... whatever you wish for!

A regional fish specialty is a kind of stew (sancocho) which is prepared with salted dorade. Another traditional dish is the vieja (old lady), parrot fish, which is cooked with its scales in oil and vinegar.

vegetables and fruit
Lanzarote is blessed with a wonderful climate all year round, so farmers can grow a lot of fruit. Everywhere on the island you will find markets selling agricultural products. In these colorful markets you can buy fruits and vegetables from the region.

A real Canarian experience is to try the papas arrugadas (cracked potatoes) cooked with their shell in salt water. They are often served with mojos (sauces), into which they can immerse the potatoes for even more flavor - delicious! Usually there are two types of this sauce: mojo picón, a red, hot sauce with chili, and mojo verde, a green, mild sauce that is prepared with herbs.

If you are on lanzarote, you must definitely taste the goat cheese from the region. It is sold in supermarkets and you often find it in some form on the menus, often roasted or together with olives or a delicious honey sauce.

Another specialty of the Canaries is gofio, a kind of flour, made from roasted maize, wheat and barley. Gofio is an important part of the diet and is used for a wide range of foods, including ice cream, a loaf of bread similar to the polenta bread and baby milk, as well as the binding of soups and sauces. Gofio comes from the time of the Guanches and it is assumed that it was then a basic food.

The traditional preparation of gofio has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. This healthy cereal mix is ​​the second most common food in the archipelago, right after bananas!

Some people think the dessert is the best part of a meal - if you are part of it, then you should definitely try bienmesabe, a sugary combination of honey, almond cream, eggs and rum.

You can also try the traditional frangollo (a cereal-based cereal with cinnamon, honey and brandy) or the torrijas (sweet fried cornmeal slices with honey and cinnamon). The latter are traditionally eaten at Easter, but are available throughout the year. Other delights on the dessert menu include caramel cream (flan), ice cream (helado) and fried bananas (plátano frito) with a garnish of sugar, brandy and lemon juice.

The wine from the grapes cultivated on the volcanic terrain is one of the biggest surprises the island has to offer if you want to choose a delicious wine for your meal. The most popular are the Malvasías. A Malvasía is usually a strong wine, which can have as much as a Sherry up to 17 percent. Wine is also used for the preparation of the regionally popular beverages tinto de verano (red wine and lemonade) and sangría (on lanzarote, this is an unexpectedly strong mixture of red wine, lemonade, liqueur, fruit and ice ) Is used. The most famous alcoholic drink of the Canaries is rum and also very popular are Ron Miel, a rum liqueur with honey, and Cobana, a yellow banana liqueur.

Do you already have the water in your mouth? At Lanzarote, you will find culinary delicacies!

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