Rental cars are cheap on the Canary Island and it is therefore worth to rent a vehicle for the entire stay. So you are flexible from arrival to departure. Your rental car for Lanzarote will take you directly after landing at the airport, where several rental companies have their office.


Radiant white beaches and a reddish volcanic landscape: Lanzarote, the north-east of the seven main islands of the Canaries with the capital Arrecife, has its own charm. Up to 400 meters long sandy beaches alternate with lava rocks, such as the Papagayo beaches near the tourist resort Playa Blanca. The Playa Blanca, which is translated as the "white beach", is one of three tourist centers on the island. The Playa Blanca, like Puerto del Carmen, is a former fishing village that has developed into a visitor magnet. The third large center, Costa Teguise, was built specifically for tourism.

If you want to combine a relaxing beach holiday with entertainment and culture, you will find plenty of opportunities on Lanzarote. Restaurants, shopping areas and artistic highlights such as the Fundacion Cesar Manrique, an important figure on the island, and Luis Villalba's El Taller de Arte offer a variety of possibilities. There is also much to see, such as the Jardin de Cactus, the Cactus Garden, the Cesar Manrique, or the algae green colored lagoon in the El Golfo crater. The entire island has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Lanzarote offers both opportunities for an undisturbed beach holiday with entertainment and shopping as well as a journey into the history of the earth, because the partly bizarre formations in the interior of the country are of volcanic origin and a million years ago. By car you can explore the coastal strip and the inland wonderfully. Renting a car means being independent and either targeting sightseeing or going on a discovery trip on your own. The landscape of Lanzarotes is impressive and worth exploring.

The mysterious Spanish volcano island of Lanzarote belongs to the beautiful Canary Islands. Due to the exposed location west of the north coast of Africa, a mild climate is always present here. Tourists spend their holidays on lanzarote in summer and in winter. If you want to explore Lanzarote and its hidden treasures - like the picturesque Puerta del Carmen, national parks and sunken volcanoes - you can rent a cheap car from Lanzarote.
Rent a car and discover the original volcano world

On the first day, the rental car first goes to the west of the island in the direction of National Park Timanfaya. You drive through an impressive volcanic landscape and meet a group of camels at Timanfaya National Park. These invite you to take a short ride through the volcano rock. By bus, you will pass through the mysterious and rugged mountain landscape, with numerous explanations through the loudspeaker. Cars must not pass through here in order not to endanger the preservation. Back from the bus tour, a grill station with the natural fire of the depth is offered sizzling delicacies.
Impressive views after a short drive by car in Lanzarote

A further drive takes you by car to the east, through attractive villages, where a stop for a stroll is always worthwhile. The famous artist Cesar Manrique has left its mark on the island. On this route, you can stop north of Arrecife in Costa Teguise to stop at its former home. Then continue towards Mirador del Rio, a breathtaking viewpoint with a restaurant. Here you have to pay entrance fee, which is definitely worthwhile. You can enjoy the view over the inhabited island of La Graciosa with the neighboring islands and the breathtaking blue sea.

On the third day you will have time for the artist Cesar Manrique and an excursion through the vineyard area. Here, in a special way, everything from the depth of the black nutrient-rich soil is extracted, which is necessary for an exceptional wine. So that the plantings can withstand the ever-prevailing wind, each plant is protected in a semi-circle with stones. This gives a charming sight. In the center of the island, in Mozaga, the Monumento del Campesino monument, erected by Cesar Manrique, points to the nearby museum village. Here is an impressive visit of the lovingly illustrated houses, which show the different types of handicrafts.

A rental car on Lanzarote is ideal to discover the scenic beauties of the volcanic island. The road network is excellent and the traffic is low, so driving is a lot of fun. You can easily take the rental car to the picturesque fishing villages and secluded beaches.
Volcanoes, lava beaches and palm trees

The Canary Island is not so easy to explore with regular buses. There are connections from the resorts to the capital, Arrecife, so you have to change for almost all tours. As a rental car is far more comfortable and you can customize your trips. Your car rental at Lanzarote has a wide selection of vehicles ready for you - from practical small cars to off-road vehicles. The latter offers special driving fun away from the usual routes. Visit Timanfaya National Park and let yourself be carried away into the unique world of volcanoes. Do not miss the salt flats near the resort of Playa Blanca, which look like a giant chessboard and iridescent in different colors. Nearby is the black lava beach Playa de Janubio a worthwhile destination. Nature lovers will also enjoy a trip through the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees, which ends in the picturesque town of Haria.
Your car rental in Lanzarote

 You should be at least 21 years old to rent a car. You must present your driver's license and ID card to the landlord. It is important to have sufficient comprehensive insurance. A credit card is often required for a deposit. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to ride on the pre-course.

Get acquainted with the traffic rules on the Canary Island and you will soon find joy in driving. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden at the wheel. The maximum permissive limit is 0.5 ‰. Within the localities you can drive 50km / h, on federal roads 90km / h and on the highway 120km / h. When parked on white or yellow lines, they mean restricted parking. If you have a blue line, you need to remove a parkticket.

A popular tour will take you south from your hotel. There is a plateau around the village of Femes on which potatoes, tomatoes and onions are grown. A small vantage point offers views of the Rubicón peninsula with the resort of Playa Blanca, the Montaña Roja and, in clear view, even to the neighboring island of Fuerteventura. Close to the resort of Playa Blanca, the famous Papagayo beaches are reached by a gravel road. The small coves with their bright sand and the turquoise blue shimmering sea offer for a bathing pause. Before you return home, you can admire the emerald green lagoon in El Golfo and enjoy the fresh fish caught in a fish spot at sunset.

Away from the well-known paths you will find on Lanzarote real treasures such as the small village of Femés. There, delicious goat's cheese is produced and sold. A tip for connoisseurs is also the fishing village El Golfo with its excellent fish restaurants. The emerald-green lagoon El Golfo inspires every hobby photographer as well as the nearby salt pans.

The road network on the island is well developed, a jeep is only worthwhile for off-road trips. For families, the car rentals on Lanzarote provide childcare. In the smaller places you will find free parking on the roadside. This can be problematic however in the resorts Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca. In places with blue stripes, parking is subject to charges.

Rental criterias:

    Minimum age 23
    Full Insurance included
    No hidden extras

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