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Let Lanzarote charm you with the morning sunshine dancing on its deep blue waves. Let it fill your heart with its bright blazing sun until you cannot bear it anymore. Let the island show you a different world behind the one you know.
Lanzarote’s Nightlife is definitely more tranquil than Ibiza’s. There is a general lack of world famous DJs and top bands performing live shows. You are still able to find some decent entertainment while you are on the island, though. After all, we are in Spain where a fiesta of something somewhere is on every week and the party is always there where you are!
Countless pubs are readily available to assist you while enjoying your favourite drink or some local pint for an unreasonably cheap price. Sorry lads, Guinness is just not like at home, though. It just tastes better in the cold and here the only cold thing is the frozen pint glass.
Do not have to be worried that you miss the taste of home or the X-factor final. If you opt for British food in a British pub, you will get proper British food with Sky Sport hanging on the wall in a convenient distance. If you are not the deep fried type then choose one of the stellar restaurants around the island but that comes with no tele.
Being part of the Biosphere takes its toll on shopping. Some may find it daunting not be able to shop for hours in the endless hallways of enormous shopping centres, finding a new shop one after other. Although, the ones who find shorts and flip-flops combo an appropriate dressing all year around with a random T-shirt will be quite overwhelmed with the selection of shops around.
Pop into one of the convertibles and roll around the foot of the volcanos pursuing the setting sun. However, nobody will blame you if you choose a proper car with sweet air condition in it while you driving through the picturesque landscape. It is quite hot here sometimes under the scorching sun.
Splash into the sea when you feel appropriate or choose a swimming pool where no-one cares that, you enjoy the water on 1 January. It is all about you and the infinite blue all around.
Staying somewhere is the hardest decision you have to make while you are here. Hotel, apartment, villa, hut or just a sleeping bag with a star dome ceiling? Sure, you can bring your caravan and park it somewhere near the shore.
The days of a Lanzarote holiday bears the characteristics of its main resorts. Costa Teguise with its sleepy cozy mornings definitely will not stir the flow of your life up. The peaceful afternoons looking over Fuertaventura from an inviting terrace at Playa Blanca trying to catch the last glimpse of the setting, sun lets you enjoy life as it is. The long nights of Puerto Del Carmen will take a piece from your heart longing back to Lanzarote forever or hate it altogether.